Lubrication is your best friend when using sex toys to keep things moving smoothly. Whether it is lasting longer, or having more comfortable and gratifying encounters, making sure you are using the proper amount of lubrication is an important aspect of successful toy use. For some inventive and exciting options on which lubricants are available for use, you might want to read this article about all about lubricants. It makes things easier, more comfortable and (most importantly) it does not irritate your skin. But remember: you need to check if there is enough lubrication before you start as this can be a serious problem. Also, do not forget to make sure that you clean toys once in a while because they could get disgusting really quickly – trust us.

Sex dolls are no different than any of your other sex toys. Even though they sometimes appear to be a lot sturdier and more capable of being handled roughly, the unserviceable parts can still become sticky or built up over time just like any of your other sex toys. Sex dolls do more than just satisfy the carnal desire of men. Yes, these realistic-looking models geared specifically towards their male sexuality can be used for sexual pleasure but a lot of them are also designed to replicate different positions and facial expressions, not to mention that even an amateur model made from good quality materials carries with it the ability to excite a man’s mind.

There are three main types of lubrication: Silicone based lube, water-based lube and oil-based lube. Depending on what type of toy you have, or what kind of activity you’re involved in certain types are preferable to others.

Silicone Based Lubricants for Sex dolls

Lubricants consisting of silicone have a variety of advantages. They are more durable than most because they last longer and are not subject to the effects of body temperature as readily as water-based ones can be. They also feel very smooth and silky, so they’re known as being very “slippery” when you’re using them! But these lubes can only be used with silicone dolls, so it is important not to confuse them with their flesh-and-blood counterparts. Silicone reacts with itself and destroys silicone surfaces on sex dolls whenever the two substances come in contact. Silicone lubricants are an ideal alternative to water-based lubricant, as they offer any number of advantages. They commonly feel very soft and silky, so they are great for getting you in the mood when you play with your silicone dolls or other sex toys. Silicone also lasts a long time without needing to reapply, so your fun can be extended without interruption. The only downside is that silicone lube cannot be used with silicone sex dolls, because the two materials react with one another and will break down the surface of your sex doll.

Water Based Lubricants for Sex dolls

Water-based lubes are enjoyable because they are not sticky or gooey like other types of lubricants and they also do not ruin your sheets when you are done. If you are looking for a lubricant to help you during a night that could be very steamy, you should consider getting a water-based one as it will mostly likely be the only type. Water-based lubes work perfectly for anything during your sex time. It can also save the sex dolls from being dirty.

It’s also the easiest type of lubricant to clean up, once you are done. If you find it drying up mid-way through your session, just add a little H2O to reactivate its slick texture. The only real downside is that it tends to dry up quickly with some water-based lubes. If you are planning on having an extended session with your sex doll, then you might want to consider picking a silicone-based lube instead.

Oil Based Lubricants for Sex dolls

Oil-based lubricants have a lot of benefits going for them. They are usually thick and much stickier than water-based lubricants, so this is a common choice for those who enjoy more texture. Oil-based lubes are safe to use with condoms as well – if it is oil-based, it can be used with latex protection. Petroleum-based lubricants may cause latex condoms to break down and no longer be safe. Other types of non-oil-based lubes will do the trick just fine, so if you must use lubricant when having a condom then make sure it is clear or silicone based. Oil-based lubricants last for a long time, meaning that these types of products are ideal for long sessions. If you are planning on spending some serious time with your doll, this is the best kind of lube to choose. You will have to plan for extra time when it comes time to clean up, however. It is just for the safety and durability of your sex doll.